I've been to Renea almost 20 times now,  because her allergy protacoles help so much more than anything else.  I have spent a big part of my adult life in a lazy boy recliner & not by choice.  Finding something that works is a miracle, but finding something that last is even greater. It has become standard, after her treatments, for me to notice the improvement or complete release of  symptoms, by the time I walk down the hallway to the front office. However, the other day, I noticed the benefits instantly, even before I got off her table & then there have been a couple of things, that have taken a day or two to clear, but even that is marvelous to experience. 

   Renea's work, is even more amazing, when you consider   this relief comes after 6 years of going through 6 medical Dr's & 2 of them specialists & sometimes taking 3 antibiotics at a time, with very little relief from an infection due to Mold Exposure.  Renea & her computer are fantastic detectives, quickly getting to the root of the true problem within each appointment, treating it within minutes & proving the old addage "You'll just have to learn to live with it", as false.  And all I have to do is lay there.

   I write this with tears of gratitude.  Yesterday, an amazing thing happened again. Something that has shown up in 3 consecutive generations of my family, disappeared & I wasn't even having her work on that, because I thought that was genetic. I was having her work on "Viruses & virus components", because of having had mononucleosis & dealing with a retro virus from mono for 46 years. To tailor the treatment more specifically to me, I tested stronger if we included "Brain Stem" as one of the components.  When I got off the table & started walking toward the front office, I noticed the constant tension & pressure at my top cervical, that I could never shake,  just began melting away. I thought, well, that's certainly never happened before, so it couldn't be because of the way I was laying comfortably on her table.  Then it came, Virus / Brain Stem.  Do you think that treatment was worth the money? Every treatment has been worth the money, since My Comfort & health are priceless.

cb from Springfield, Mo.

When I started seeing Renea in February  ’09, I was coughing and had severe head congestion year–round.  I had taken every over-the-counter sinus/allergy meds imaginable and a few prescription meds, but nothing eased my allergies. 

After the first visit with Renea, (which includes the first treatment) I felt much better.  My lungs and head began clearing immediately.  I then decided to get some other nagging allergies checked and treated with AAT. 

With each treatment, I felt better.  I was rid of all my allergic symptoms after 4 visits and am still feeling wonderful.  In May ’09, I decided to seek help for chronic insomnia using the AAT treatment.  After 5 visits, my sleep quality has improved greatly.

The frosting on the cake with this method of treatment is—no more allergy pills, no more avoiding things that trigger allergies, no more sleeping pills.

Springfield, MO

I can't begin to tell you the relief I feel after your treatment. I have suffered with depression for years and have tried many medications with no relief. Thank you so much for making me feel so much better!

Hot Springs, AR

Dr Renea Barrett's new treatment for allergies has allowed me to be free of chronic sinus problems and bronchitis. Also, I was able to shorten my Fall allergy season and to be comfortable outdoors during ragweed season. My usual reliance on Prednisone to decrease the symptoms has not been needed this year, which seems like a miracle to me.

Springfield, MO

I had a treatment this morning and I just wanted to tell you that my nose is not stopped up!!! I am a true believer in this procedure. My nose has been stopped up for almost 1 1/2 years and I can actually breathe through my nose right now!


Julie V
Springfield, MO

For the past several years I have been plagued with sinus & bronchitis & most persistent cough. Thanks to your treatment for sugar allergies, all my symptoms have nearly vanished. Thank you very much.

Mary L
Nixa, MO

After three weeks of agonizing coughing, sneezing, blowing, and blurred vision, I called your office and you were gracious enough to see me right away. By the time I left your office my head had started to clear. The first night I slept 7 hours uninterrupted. I had not done that for quite a while. My head is clearer, no sneezing, better vision, breathing easier and have more energy. What a blessing it is to know you and your new machine.

Springfield, MO

I am so pleased with my results, my sinuses are clear, and am breathing much easier. And, my husband noticed that I no longer snore.

Janine G
Hot Springs, AR

I am being treated with Prolotherapy to regrow the cartilage in both my knees. An important enzyme required in the healing and pain reduction process is bromelain. My MD prescribed five 500mg capsules of bromelain per day.

Not knowing I was allergic to bromelain, I took the 5 capsules the first day. Within hours I had a severe case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and multiple mouth sores. I called the MD and he prescribed another pain reliever but healing of the cartilage would take longer. The initial prognosis was 11-12 treatments. The treatments are once a month at $1020 per treatment, (not covered by insurance).

When I heard about the AAT allergy treatments that stated that an allergy could be eliminated in as few as one treatment I made an appointment. It actually required 2 treatments to completely remove my symptoms. The first treatment was for sugar (apparently a requirement, which, by-the-way eliminated my morning stuffy nose), the second treatment was for the bromelain. I waited 12 hours before trying the bromelain again. To my AMAZMENT THE TREATMENT WORKED!  I am now back on the bromelain capsules and hopefully reducing my time (and expense) on the Prolotherapy treatments.

Robert S
Nixa, MO

From Renea:  My entire family has been doing immunotherapy (shots) for allergies for decades with little to no relief.  I have fall allergies, plus food sensitivities such as: wheat/gluten, dairy, potatoes, tomatoes, pineapple, banana’s and oranges. When I went to Washington D.C. for training on the AAT System I was in a full blown fall allergy attack.  I told my patients that I was going to sit in the front row with a box of tissues and tell them to ‘fix me’.  The last day of the training was the attendee’s treating each other for sugar sensitivities.  Within a few hours of that treatment for sugar, my sinuses started to clear.  On the way back to Springfield, landing in Chicago, I sneezed once, but my sinuses were still clear.  From Kansas City airport driving back to Springfield, I had the windows open and my sinuses were still clear.  My husband reports that my snoring volume is almost nonexistent.  I am currently working my way through all of my food sensitivities as well.  I will update this testimonial as those allergies clear.

01-29-09: Latest updates. Since treating my patients allergies with the AAT system, I have started to describe allergies- especially multiple allergies - as a "roomful of protesters with only one microphone." Meaning, when you get rid of the loudest protester/allergy, another one that has been lurking in 'the room' pops up and becomes loud.

I'll use myself as an example. My primary allergens causing the most signs and symptoms were (#1) wheat and (#2) dairy. I got treated for those. Then all of a sudden the potato allergy "grabbed the microphone" so to speak. Before the AAT system, the potato allergy didn't really seem to be an issue. But now that the wheat/gluten, and dairy/caseine is gone, I reacted immediately to only 2 pieces of potato - not two servings- two pieces. My sinsus' filled up within 10 minutes.

We had an upcoming Thanksgiving dinner which I know at least 2 potato dishes (and stuffing) were going to be served, so I immediately did the AAT system for potatoes, and everything was fine - I had a tiny bit of bloating, but that was all. In case you think that even a bit of bloating means the treatment was not that successful, let me explain with some of my past history.

Three years ago for Thanksgiving dinner - before I even heard of AAT - I had one teaspoon each of white potato, sweet potato and stuffing (a.k.a. bread with gluten). I was allergic to all 3 items. But I was determined to enjoy 'normal' foods for that special occasion. Within 2 hours of just having one teaspoon each, I was on the floor in the bathroom in pain. My abdomen was bloated to the point that I looked 9 months pregnant! I was in such pain I was in tears and truly ready to call 911. I took a bunch of OTC stuff and about 3 hours later I could get up and walk without doubling over. Not fun at all.

The tiny bit of bloat I experienced with eating foods that previously sent me to the floor, seemed virtually symptom free in comparison.

March 09: Here are a few phrases I have been hearing from my patients:

Perfume Sensitivity: a 70+ year old male patient asked if there was anything I could do about ladies perfumes. He experiences shortness of breath and watery/itchy eyes when he works with "the girls at church" activities. The perfumes were causing so much discomfort that he was considering discontinuing his weekly activities. I treated him for the perfume ingredients that he muscle tested (weak). He came back the next week and said, "I'm not sure if worked or not, but I was with those girls 3 times this week and I didn't notice a problem." I replied, "That sounds like it worked to me!"

Kids with food allergies: I have a patient that spent over $10,000 between her and her two children on the NAET system. The cost included hotel room stays and meals because the office was a couple hours from Springfield. I have to say that the NAET system is a good one for eliminating allergies. However, it is very restrictive. It is big into avoidance for a considerable length of time, even on items to avoid touching. My patient had one sugar treatment for her son using the AAT system, and he could have fruits and veggies that he couldn't before. (this child is a high functioning autistic child). That same child had one treatment for dairy and now can have ice cream. The mother tested weak on most common foods during the initial exam. During the initial exam she also tested weak on digestive components. I suggested that we work on the digestive category first and that may alter her reactions to the other foods. That's exactly what happened. I needed to do 2-3 treatments in the digestive category and she can eat foods that she couldn't before. She had been treated, as her sons, for sugars, dairy etc with the NAET system last year but didn't see the results that the AAT system provided. The AAT system, in my opinion is an evolution of the NAET system. It's more precise, less restrictive, and gets faster results.

Chronic sinus problems; a 72 year old female was in her words "bedridden" and miserable because of her allergies. She tested weak in several airborne items. However, strange as it may seem, she tested really weak when I did the digital signal for eyelash mites. She was OK on dust mites, but weak on eyelash mites. I treated her for that, and she was fine. Another treatment or two for the environmental molds and she is singing the praises on how great she feels. She has referred three other friends.

I want to reinterate here that the first visit includes a treatment for sugars as a standard procedure.

Food allergies: "I am eating foods now that you couldn't pay me to eat before!"

Spring allergies: "Everyone else at work is sniffling away and I'm NOT!"

Cats:" I have a cat now!!" A word about cat allergies-> it is not unusual to need 4 treatments for cat allergies.